About us

The story behind grevens racing.

Grevens Racing Adventures was born in 2013 after Grevens MC delar was sold in 2013. Grevens MC Delar became a well known company in Sweden in road racing. We sold everything you need for motorbike racing !! After the company was sold we continued with Trackdays in Southern Europe! We organize trackdays on lot of circuits throughout Europe, like Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Netherlands.


This is something we are passionate for and have genuine interest in, the best thing with this is that everybody does this because he/she loves doing this. No matter of a crash or an engine failure almost everyone stays positive and everybody helps eachother to come out on the track as soon as possible!

We started doing trackdays in Europe in a small scale in 1999, and since then this events has grown more and more.  We have long experience of training and competition around many circuits in Europe and for us the quality of our arrangements is important and that you will feel safe with us. In order for you to feel safe, we even take care of the transport of your motorbike  and its accessories and deliver it safely to the track and pitbox.

We take care of this ourselves with our own Truck and special rebuild trailer for Motorcycle transport, so you can be relaxed, you fly we drive !!

Please come with us and Enjoy different MotoGP tracks around Europe, Live your dream !!

The Event

Our trips include tire service, mechanic assistance and access to skilled instructors who are happy to assist you in your development.

On some of our trips, we even offer private coaching of some of Sweden's and Europe's most experienced racing drivers in road racing.​


However, this is not included in the price but is paid separately and pre-booked. For travel and accommodation on our travels, you can book this yourself.

The latter, however, we offer different proposals, where we negotiated more favorable prices directly with the hotels. We try to live as close as possible so we can eat together in the evenings, a highly appreciated feature of our travels.

We run in 3 or 4 groups;  beginners, medium, fast and race. In other words, there is a group for everyone, for those who want test different setups for the coming race season, but also for newcomers and not so experienced riders.  

And of course, all types of motorbike are welcome, streetfighters, Supermoto bikes and so on…. Of course this will depend a little on which track you choose.

For example in Barcelona and Aragon with the long straights it is not always so popular to come with a fast rider on a Moto3 bike, they are very fast in the corners, but quite slow on the straights and this can be dangerous sometimes.  

They don’t fit in the slower groups and not in the fastest group either, because of the difference in speed on the straights…..

Bring your bike and Touring

If you have your motorbike stationary in southern Europe during the winter season, you also have the opportunity to participate,  just bring your motorcycle to the various racing courses we visit and join our Event.


For those who intend to tour in Spain we also can help you to do the transport of your touring bike .

Then you have saved both time and energy to come to the sun in Spain and can concentrate on your Touring Adventures instead.

Please contact us for more information.

Finally, we want to say that with Grevens Racing Adventures you can come with us without really knowing anyone, you will quickly become a part of the family and have a lot of fun and laugh a lot…..


So warmly welcome to come and test us!

We hope, that you will be one of those who come back event after event, year after year…..



Grevens Racing Adventures

Slottsåvägen 40
511 91 Skene

Tel. +46 320 41440 
Mob. +46 70 592 7601

Email: info@grevensracing.com

Tack för ditt meddelande!

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