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We have 2 instructors Krister Skoglund and Kenneth Nordström.

They already helped many of our customers to become faster and safer riders.

Even other Swedish or European top riders can be instructor some times.

 Kenneth is a dancing teacher and SMC Race instructor.

Driving a racingbike has to be like a dance, smooth and easy ....


Krister is the maintenance engineer of the building department for Sweden's largest nuclear power plant 

and he is passionate about racing.


Both Krister and Kenneth run Endurance Racing and they love it ... ..

Krister's team 2Fast4U finished 1th. this year!

Kenneths team ended 3th!


Both of them are good at reading the customers to know what they need to become safer and faster riders!

Both are very educational and very good in showing which lines to ride, your seating position, how to brake safe

far down into the curves, when to open the throttle wideopen in a safe way.... , etc, etc...

For analysing, they use a GoPro camera to show and give feedback after the sessions. 

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